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Flip Out on Getaway

If hanging by ropes doesn’t satisfy your inner thrill seeker, try Tim’s next adventure. Called Flip Out, it’s all about having healthy fun on massive trampolines, playing ball games, being involved in events and more.

The Australian owned company is just 2 years old

and was a brainwave of owner Brent Grundy while he was at a play centre waiting to collect his own child. He saw that half of the children there were playing, but the rest, and the adults, looked bored and couldn’t wait for the party to finish. The result was he created a facility that not only entertained children, but parents and grandparents as well. Flip Out was born.

There are 21 sites across the country, providing work for over 350 people and fun and healthy activity for thousands of customers every day.

Ninja classes are for those who want to flip, twist and move just like a ninja. They help with child development, and achieve balance, co-ordination, agility and left and right motor receptors which develops faster reaction which may prevent accidents.

As children master moves, they are encouraged to complete tricks at their own pace – back flips and jump twists are great fun and rewarded with coloured belt shirts ranging from white to black.

Trainers teach little ninjas to flip off the walls and floor while having the best ever time. There are no fighting moves involved – just flipping and agility.

Tim thoroughly enjoyed Flip Out – not just for himself but as a dad. Knowing how children can resist things if they are told they are good for them, the benefits of this adventure are not all that obvious and enjoyed just for the fun of it.

Flips, somersaults and bouncing on the spot develop balance, motor skills and co-ordination. Repetitive bouncing puts small amounts of stress on bones, which over time is enough to compress bones and in turn create higher bone density.

Unlike running which can create pressure and strain on limbs and joints, trampolining absorbs up to 80% off the stress of weight bearing joints. While running improves oxygen flow, a NASA study has stated that trampolining, in terms of cardiovascular fitness, yields the same good results in 10 minutes, compared to over 30 minutes of running.

The physical act of jumping on trampolines pumps oxygen into the lungs and brain, as well as releasing endorphins which give a great sense of wellbeing.

All areas are fully supervised – you will see people in black and green t-shirts. Flip Out has two supervisors for every 20 people.

Cost – Flip Out Trampoline Arenas cost $10 per person for 30 minute and $14 per person for an hour.

Prices correct at 01.03.2015

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